Is the pregnancy session for me?

I have prepared some answers to your questions.

How do I prepare for a pregnancy session?
Is the pregnancy session for me?
Will I be able to pose for a photo?
Will I look good?

As a rule I believe the simpler the better, which means delicate make up, combed hair, curled hair, eye and lip makeup only, nude lingerie set and for romantic photos black underwear set.
A pregnancy session is for every woman who dreams about a beautiful portrait of the waiting time for her baby, something that will be a lifelong souvenir.
Well, the pregnancy session takes place in the rhythm of the pregnant woman, all poses are easy, all the attention is focused on the mother's baby bump.
Every mother looks beautiful at sessions, soft lighting, outfits, fabrics help to bring out the best.
Each session includes breaks, drinking water, and rest. 



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