Wokingham newborn session with siblings.

I haven't written about newborn sessions in a long time ago. 

I wanted to show you some recent photos from a newborn session in Basingstoke. I love these small creatures especially with older siblings. This is not an easy job but is rewarding. Little Theo came with his family for the session in October. He was a super sleepy baby, maybe not at first but heat and white noise did his job for me 😍 I could pose him all day long, such a cute little man. Parents stick with natural colors and outfits, so I created simple photos for them. During the session Theo's mom fed him a few times, we had some little smirks from him also, in a warm room Theo had his nap and I could do my job. 

       Those tiny newborn toes 💕
Theo also had some photos with his sister and she smiled a lot, she was really pleased and proud as an bigger sister she got her first task 💗

    Family photos is a must on every Newborn session.

    Cute little smirk on Theo's face 💗  

    Classic portrait.

    Snuggling up!

I'm providing outfits, props, everything I need on session is extra milk for baby and diapers. If you wish to find out more about session details please click this link:


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